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eldirlo   @ 12:29 pm
dbbowling said: Happy 4th of July! Happy Birthday America! Vuvuzela cheers Hug
that was a bloody weekend
Jaurah04   @ 11:58 am
Am I wrong or is the whole thing with ADVANTAGE is just unfair to casual youngings who want to win.
eldirlo   @ 10:36 am
made up stories of fights just because he'd never called me Ledirlov
eldirlo   @ 10:35 am
how papchap mentions a tooth loss thing here, weird, it reminds me bruefist
eldirlo   @ 10:09 am
me no bloody wanker, olo
genesis2   @ 9:38 am
it's the queen's english, you bloody wanker. lol
eldirlo   @ 9:20 am
Papchap   @ 5:06 pm (12 Jul 20)
did you loose teeth in old age? its KAJOOB remember?
genesis2   @ 3:26 pm (12 Jul 20)
goo goo gooju.
Papchap   @ 2:42 pm (12 Jul 20)
genesis2 said: I am the egg man, I am the walrus...
OMG Paul Mcartney I didn't know you did photoshop stuff!?
eldirlo   @ 1:23 pm (12 Jul 20)
thx for the reply
genesis2   @ 11:57 am (12 Jul 20)
I am the egg man, I am the walrus...
genesis2   @ 11:57 am (12 Jul 20)
or Emmanuel
genesis2   @ 11:54 am (12 Jul 20)
genesis is not jeremy.
eldirlo   @ 10:52 am (12 Jul 20)
well hi to betdoval, yerpalal, marco, anfa, db, and ... later
eldirlo   @ 10:06 am (12 Jul 20)
errr...sorry, I mean Emmanuel ?
eldirlo   @ 10:05 am (12 Jul 20)
is genesis jeremy ?
eldirlo   @ 9:55 am (12 Jul 20)
yep, you too
dbbowling   @ 9:52 am (12 Jul 20)
Cheers to all. Stay safe.
eldirlo   @ 9:44 am (12 Jul 20)
checking...yerpalal and a few others still hang around...amazing after all that time
dbbowling   @ 9:39 am (12 Jul 20)
It's hot outside. Turn the A/C on. Put some AC/DC music on too. Hello psc.
eldirlo   @ 8:30 am (12 Jul 20)
good morning Pittsburgh, so far
eldirlo   @ 8:29 am (12 Jul 20)
well I check from time to time as I watch SOTU shows, maybe someone I know will stop by and say hi
eldirlo   @ 8:26 am (12 Jul 20)
account deleted etc, I was in the hof though
eldirlo   @ 8:25 am (12 Jul 20)
me it's just I lost the password to my fmr email account and lost psc/advantage/account access, couldn't recover
Papchap   @ 11:53 am (11 Jul 20)
I really wish advantage was abolished! It works when there is like at least a hundred active users but when the site is on the brink of survival... why? why do they do it? the owners wouldn't lose money...?
Papchap   @ 11:51 am (11 Jul 20)
nobody responds sometimes Rolling Eyes
eldirlo   @ 10:51 am (11 Jul 20)
eldirlo   @ 12:10 pm (10 Jul 20)
PhotoshopDefault said: Why the long face? Shouldn't this be the BEST motivation website for those who come here to learn photoshop?
I'm still using cs2 as my daily programs. ;P

It reminds me when I found it 20 years ago
eldirlo   @ 12:01 pm (10 Jul 20)
are they all in the advantage chat nowadays ?
eldirlo   @ 11:13 am (10 Jul 20)
goede middag !
DaVinci   @ 2:55 am (10 Jul 20)
Hi Ledirlo, that's shame! Your name is still showing up at the tutorial section, though once you click it, it says 'Sorry, but that user does not exist'.
eldirlo   @ 10:17 am (09 Jul 20)
still in Pittsburgh ? are you guys good ?
eldirlo   @ 10:15 am (09 Jul 20)
eldirlo said: I used to own a lifetime advantage account and lost the password and recovery option
very long ago, they never gave it back to me ,well...
eldirlo   @ 10:10 am (09 Jul 20)
I used to own a lifetime advantage account and lost the password and recovery option
eldirlo   @ 10:09 am (09 Jul 20)
I'm Ledirlo, hi again PSC, I couldn't get my fmr username back, any friend left who knew me here ? it's been so long
Zizounai   @ 6:42 am (09 Jul 20)
Hi to you Prajwal. Oh I love Nepal so much! went there 10 years ago (Chitwan, Kathmandu, and a trek in the mountains from Pokara). Your country is wonderful and so are the people.
prajwal17   @ 1:32 am (09 Jul 20)
hello guys me from nepal
prajwal17   @ 1:31 am (09 Jul 20)
Papchap   @ 9:46 am (06 Jul 20)
GIMP is great and open source and free so you don't have to pirate lol
Jaurah04   @ 8:41 am (06 Jul 20)
Are there any alternatives to photoshop cos my photoshop just randomely gave up and I cant use It anymore
Papchap   @ 2:51 pm (05 Jul 20)
i saw als solo tour so i was wondering if there was a contest where NOBODY entered
Papchap   @ 2:49 pm (05 Jul 20)
thats stupid . why havent your photos come yet Raising Brow they are just repeating?? why cant disasvantaged members add photos? where are your photos??
Zizounai   @ 11:53 am (05 Jul 20)
Papchap, the same contest was on few months ago...
We were only 2 to participate.
And none of the photos I sent in February have been in the contests yet...
Papchap   @ 9:51 am (05 Jul 20)
has anyone seen a contest here go by without a single entry?
dbbowling   @ 9:08 am (04 Jul 20)
Happy 4th of July! Happy Birthday America! Vuvuzela cheers Hug
Jaurah04   @ 8:45 am (03 Jul 20)
x/ /
/ /
Jaurah04   @ 3:58 pm (01 Jul 20)
genesis2   @ 12:11 pm (01 Jul 20)
a great idea not well done is usually better than a poor idea done well.
Papchap   @ 9:01 am (01 Jul 20)
Its usually original ideas that trump execution in my experience

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